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In the Pink Garden Portal

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Caryn Brown
You can bring art into your garden with these kiln glass and stainless steel garden sculptures. They remain vibrant in both a winter and a summer garden and can be left outside year round in most climates.

The artist has reinterpreted the traditional mosaic in a method she calls "Melted Mosaics." Glass pieces are arranged in a circular form or portal. The glass portal is then heated in a kiln until all the pieces of glass melt together. Once the glass is cooled and annealed, it is taken to the metal studio where a custom, stainless steel stand is fabricated. The stand with the glass portal can be placed directly into garden soil or into a planter on the patio. This garden sculpture can be left out year round in temperatures between -20 to 150 degrees F. Take care that it is not in the path of shoveled or blown snow in winter climates, however. Wipe with a damp cloth.

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