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Medium Crackle Pumpkin

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Leonoff Art Glass
As if freshly plucked from the vine, these blown glass pumpkins delight the eye with their richly crackled colors and gracefully coiled stems. Leonoff uses an age-old Venetian crackle technique to create a realistic and distinctive design on each pumpkin. In this technique, molten glass is first quenched in water. As the glass cools, the surface forms a skin that, when blown out, separates from the interior color, exposing the complementary hues of the glass and producing the lifelike veining and texture found in real pumpkins. The exterior is layered with opaque glass, while the crackle veins reveal the interior. Finished with a twirling stem. Just like pumpkins in a patch, each one is unique, with distinctive patterning that will vary.

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