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Red Empress Poppy

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Anne Nye
Kiln formed glass table art. Poppies are a reoccurring theme that has an emotional attachment for Anne Nye. This one is called Red Empress because of it's glowing color which has been lovingly shaded and contoured with finely crushed glass and powder. Kiln fired to 1420 degrees F over a 24 hr period and placed in a powder coated steel stand made in the USA to the artist's specifications. Colors will not fade even in brightest sunlight. Easily cleaned with glass cleaner and soft cloth. Handcrafted and signed by the artist.

This new stand is designed by Nye and made locally for her. A piece is milled to receive the upright rods and attached to the back with a special permanent adhesive. You simply line up the holes with the rods and slide it down, then tighten with the allen wrench provided. This stand allows any shape glass and doesn't detract from the design.

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