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Redstone Cairn Grouping

Art Glass Sculpture

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This symbolic glass cairn and stones mark the pathways we've traveled and those we have yet to tread. The grouping of varied shape, color and pattern represent a bold family relationship where characters are different, yet harmonious as a whole. Every stone is individually crafted from free-blown and hand-formed glass, then etched for a stone-like finish. Cairn stones are fused together for stability. Each piece is unique; exact size and shape will vary. Sold as a set.

Individual dimensions left to right:
Horizontal stone: 3", 4.75"W, 3"D
Cairn: 11.5"H, 5.5"W, 4.5"D
Vertical Stone: 5.5"H, 3.5"W, 2.5"D

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