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Violet-Backed Starling

Art Glass Sculpture

Created by Martin Ehrensvard
Birds have always stirred our imagination; they don't seem to be bound by the same laws of nature that we are. Their ability to fly inspires dreams of limitless freedom. They express pure unconditional joy by singing in all weather, and their feathers celebrate the whole range of vibrant colors.

Ehrensvard put a lot of attention to the coloring of these birds because the colors are a metaphor for emotions and he wants a world where people express and experience all their emotions fully. He makes the pattern by layering transparent colors over a white bubble and covers the outside in glass canes. He adds additional clear glass to increase the size and to give the color depth and adds patches of color on the places where the tail and head will be. He is able to make this silhouette of a bird by blowing and shaping the glass. Finally, pieces of glass canes are added as crests and beak.

Because of the nature of hand blown glass shape and color might vary slightly.

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