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Ruin Walls

Art Glass Vase

This sand-carved piece reflects the high mountain agricultural landscape in which the artist lives.

Technique - The cameo effect starts with applying a hot, colored glass bubble around a clear glass bubble. This results in a thin layer of colored glass on the outside of the piece. After cooling, the piece is completely masked, and then Mary draws her design on the mask with pen and pencil, freehand, so each piece is completely unique. She then goes back over every line with a knife, and selectively removes the mask where the glass will be carved. Sandblasting the exposed glass slowly cuts through the thin color layers, exposing various hues and shades of color, depending on the depth of cutting, eventually getting down to the clear glass.

Cleaning and care: The sand-carved pieces have a thin finish on the surface. The inside and any non-etched surface can be wiped with a soft, dust free cloth, with glass cleaner if needed. Wipe or buff the etched surfaces with a dry, dust free soft rag as needed or dust with a feather duster.

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