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Figurative Stratum

Art Glass Vessel

Created by James Friedberg
The shape of this vessel was inspired by the human form. This yellow, red, and blue figurative blown glass vessel is created using a hybrid murrini technique. James Friedberg has integrated the classic murrini technique with the Japanese metal working technique called Mokume Gane.

Mokume Gane is process of layering and shaping different types of metal to achieve wood grain patterns. When this metal working technique is combined with glass, wood grain patterns are achieved but other patterns emerge that are wholly new. Friedberg has translated Mokume Gane into glass to create beautiful vessels. Glass brings new life with its colors and translucent nature.

Stratum refers to a layer of rock that is of a specific geological area. When looking at the pattern in this vessel it has depth. There is primal aspect to the patterns multiple layers that leads ones imagination through time to a distant past.

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