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Purple and Yellow Strata Vase

Art Glass Vessel

Created by Thomas Spake
This blown glass vase was created by layering opaque purple, lilac, and yellow glass frit and powders to create the intricate pattern. The frit and powder are laid out in a specific format on a steel plate. Once the glass is on the blow pipe, the pattern is rolled up onto the piece and melted into the surface of the glass. The central band is formed by stretching a molten glass wrap of yellow, orange and vanilla glass chips around the piece. The lip of the piece is accented in yellow. After the piece is cooled down, the piece is sandblasted to give the distinct matte finish. The interior of the piece is an white and clear glass, to bring out the true color and give the piece a subtle interior glow.

The Strata Series is inspired by the artist's interest in geology, and the idea that our history is locked up in the planet's layers of sedimentary rock and is revealed by the passing of time and the gentle push of wind and water.

Each piece is unique and will vary.

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