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Mind's Eye

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Richard G. Berent
The "Mind's Eye" produces a perceptual experience in the absence of visual input. This piece conjures a dream-like blending of the day's truth and the soul's search for meaning, the center of which is a new self-knowledge.

Perhaps the beginning of a new path.

While sitting very early one morning in his studio contemplating the day ahead after a sleepless night, an idea seemed to appear in his mind. The Artist immediately began making some sketches with composition and colors to express his thoughts. He then proceeded to lay out his inspiration and cut chosen colors and lay it all out before firing the piece several times in the kiln until it started talking to him about how it wanted to be displayed. The Artist then used his metal working skills to fabricate an aluminum canvas on which to mount the glass piece and some accent components to produce a finished work of art.