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Symphonic Meditation

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Richard G. Berent
The Artist fabricated aluminum channel protrusions and used them as a background to reference written music's horizontal staff lines for his wall art piece "Symphonic Meditation".

With the notes stepping across the musical elements and the listeners heart, you can almost hear the gliding melody in this thoughtful composition. Here the woodwinds, strings and brass, even the tympani drums, all the elements of a symphonic orchestra fold together creating an atmosphere of meditative repose.

Walking around his studio after a very long and tiring but productive day, the artist stopped at the glass scrap table to meditate and reflect. He found himself playing around with some of the glass pieces and a "eureka!" moment accrued. Proceeding directly to his drafting table, he began laying out his initial conceptual design. As the color selection, cutting and fusing process continued, the piece started specking to him, evolving until the piece said what it wanted to say and how it wanted to be displayed. The artist then used his metal working skills to fabricate an aluminum framework to mount the art glass, producing the finished work of art.

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