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Because I Am

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Gerald Davidson
This portrait was created using thousands of individually hand cut pieces of art glass. The process began with a photoshoot with a model. After selecting the "right" image from the many photos, Davidson used it to hand draw the portrait onto a large lightweight backer board. The next step was to select the glass and begin the lengthy process of cutting the small pieces and fitting them onto the hand drawn image. With the hair, he employed a different technique not typically used in mosaic art. Davidson used traditional stained glass fabrication techniques of cutting and grinding the glass to fit the this case the pattern being the hair. The final part of the process was to grout the entire piece. It is framed in a black floating frame and is ready to hang.

The title came about when going through the photos immediately after the photoshoot. Davidson commented to the model that she looks truly confident in the images, and she replied "Because I Am".