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Black Ombre

Art Glass Wall Sculpture

Created by Mira Woodworth
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Eco Luxury. Fall in love with the glass first. When you learn it happens to be made of reclaimed glass, all the better.

With the crystalline beauty of a geode, this richly textured wall sculpture is a treasure of kiln-formed reclaimed glass, pigments and variegated copper foil. This piece boasts a deep black color which fades into the variegated copper foil. Each of the four pieces measures 10" x 10," and can be hung many ways to create a dramatic effect. As hung in the product photo, the piece measures 24" x 24". The pieces will arrive wired and ready-to-hang.

Creating the piece is an extensive multi-step process, taking approximately two weeks to create. Attention is given to creating dramatic undulations and small voids. Each piece is dynamic in that the coloration changes slightly in different lighting situations. These variations are celebrated and make each piece unique.

To clean, dust with a moist cloth. Avoid allowing water or any other liquid to seep into the texture of the piece as it may dislodge metal leafing if allowed to soak.

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