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The Perfect Selection, 16 PC

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Featuring miniature works of art that are almost too pretty to eat—but too delicious not to—this 16-piece box of chocolates contains an assortment of favorites from Cacao & Cardamom Chocolatier. Flavors may include: cardamom rose, garam masala pistachio, chamomile vanilla, cashew cinnamon, hazelnut crunch, turtle caramel, s'mores, mango caramel, macadamia praline, lychee basil, dulce de leche, maple pecan, passionfruit, five spice praline, blueberry lime, and guava tamarind.

Made in the U.S.A.

Partial ingredients: housemade hazelnut praline, Lactee Superieure milk chocolate, Valrhona cocoa butter, crispy fueilletine, Chinese five spice, pink Himalayan salt, Zephyr 34% white chocolate, Boiron guava puree, cane sugar, organic tamarind concentrate, European butter, pectin, citric acid, Palenque 70% dark chocolate, house-made garam masala spice blend, wildflower honey, heavy whipping cream, glucose, Boiron passion fruit puree, house-made caramel, mango puree, passion fruit puree, butter, heavy cream, coconut puree, passion fruit chocolate, Ivoire 35% white chocolate, green Indian cardamom, Persian rose water, fresh basil, Boiron lychee puree, Bahibe 46% milk chocolate, roasted cashews, house-made caramel, Saigon cinnamon

Assortment and ingredients used may change depending on season and availability.

Contains: dairy, soy, nuts.