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Dragon's Tail Multi with Labradorite

Beaded Necklace

Created by Julie Long Gallegos
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Continuous crochet in hex-shape matte seed beads from Japan, unique in shade and finish, are an ever-changing and fascinating setting for smooth, blue-green flashy labradorites. This is a mercurial and smoldering blend of deep, subtle shades of plum and bronze, among others, is completely wearable and versatile. Wear it to doubled around the neck or at full length for drama. The unique matte finish of the seed beads is changeable and depending on the light, will step back and let the gemstones do the talking; in other light, the beads themselves smolder into rich color.

The necklace is just over .25" diameter in crochet and with the gemstone is slightly over .5" in sections with gemstones, every half inch.

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