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Created by Kim Eric Lilot
Beautiful, rare 18kt yellow, white, green and red golds made with hand-fired enameling. Fine Burmese Ruby cabochons. The bracelet is composed of seven interlocking frames each containing a representative from the World Wildlife Fund's Endangered Species list. The clasp has a finely made, watchmaker-like, hidden keyed mechanism. San Francisco has two of the finest hand-carved wooden Carousels in North America carved by Old World craftsmen at the turn of the century. They made a lasting impression on my young consciousness with their natural, expressionistic artistry. For many years the artist has wanted to incorporate this symbolism within a design and was moved by the influence of several articles in National Geo graphics on the dwindling natural habitats and imminent extinction of animal species that finally led the artist to the creation of this bracelet and the accompanying pendant. The artist has pledged to donate ten percent of the proceeds from this sale to the Wildlife Conservation Society and the World Wildlife Fund. The seven animals depicted on this bracelet are: The Grey Wolf /Canis lupus. The Ibex /Capra ibex nubiana. The Silver-backed Gorilla /Gorilla Gorilla. The Cheetah /Acinonyx jubatus venaticus. The Dolphin /Tursiops truncatus. The Eagle /Pithecophaga jeffreyi. The Elephant /Elephas maximus borneensis.

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