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Erin the Woolly Jumper Mug

Ceramic Mug

Created by Rod Hemming
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The Inspirations for this mug come from two important stories in the artist's life.

Growing up with an avid knitter we were never lacking for a new, winter, woolly jumper. Hemming's mother, the family knitter, would teach anyone the get-you-going, basics. She on the other hand would make the most complicated, cabled fair-isle patterned jumpers. Finer wool for spring, heavy plyed wool for winter.

The first time Hemming took his wife back to the UK, their travels took them to South Wales, by train, to visit Cardiff Castle. On the journey, once over the Border into Wales, they were into sheep country proper. Hemming's wife could not get over the flocks upon flocks of woolly sheep in fields and hills saying, "You must make sheep mugs." Like clouds on the ground. Hence the origin of "Erin the Woolly Jumper" the connection to the Celtic history of Wales and Ireland, as Welsh also call Ireland, Erin.

For all knitters novice or expert.

Microwave and dishwasher safe. Holds approximately 16 oz.

4.5"H x 4"Dia.

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