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Mia Ever Watchful Mug

Ceramic Mug

Created by Rod Hemming
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The inspiration for this mug is the artists' friend's ever so loving dog, Mia, who loves to watch birds, announce anyone who is visiting, makes sure she has her treats, sleeps, eats, and waits anxiously for her human mom who loves her more than her own human sons. She has rescued the family through all sorts of worries by making sure they are okay and are distracted by her nosiness. The colors on the mugs represent her personality. This particular pose is one of her favorites; she is watching the birds while outside and is always very attentive. Each mug has a white dog on one side and a black dog on the other. Each mug is hand painted and will vary.

Slip made and bisque fired, then hand decorated with underglazes and re-fired at 1888F with a high-quality overglaze. Food safe, microwave safe, and top rack dishwasher safe on china cycle. Holds approximately 16oz.

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