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Four Celebration Porcelain Plates

Ceramic Plate

Created by Carol Barclay
Do you know someone who is celebrating a joyous occasion? Commemorate the event with fine porcelain plates inlaid with festive champagne bubbles. Each porcelain plate is made by first mixing porcelain slip with fine colored stains in many shades of blue. The liquid clay is then painted in intricate patterns on a very thin slab of porcelain. Bubble shapes are cut from the colored slab and then inlaid on yet another, thicker, slab of porcelain. The slab is pressed into the proper shape and a clear glaze allows the colors to really shine. The handmade porcelain plate is safe for food, for the microwave, and in the dishwasher. You might want to include a note; "with wishes for a life bubbling over with color and joy!" Sold in a set of four.

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