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Disks with Naked Raku Cone on Raku Base

Ceramic Sculpture

Created by Frank Nemick
This tall ceramic sculpture is composed of three separate elements with intriguing surface effects created using raku techniques. The top element is a naked raku clay cone. The middle element is created from a naked raku clay disk and two glazed disks. The bottom is a piece of black fired clay that serves as a base for the entire piece.

Western raku is based on the ancient Japanese raku method of ceramic firing. This method entails taking the piece out of a red hot kiln, and then putting it into a metal bin full of combustibles (pine needles in this case), where it sits for thirty minutes or so absorbing smoke into any bare clay surfaces and also into any cracks present in the glaze. This is what gives these pieces their dark lines and surfaces.

Each element is filled with a structural rigid foam that is not visible once assembled. The black base also has fiberglass reinforcement. Embedded within the foam is a threaded steel rod that maintains the integrity of the piece and allows for assembly/disassembly. Easy assembly required; elements screw together by hand without tools. The correct placement is clearly marked.

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