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Tropical Garden Light Vessel II

Ceramic Table Lamp

Created by Peri Enkin
"Porcelain Light Vessels" are wheel thrown and carved to reveal patterns when lit up from inside. Each one captures a unique garden environment. As you turn the vessel you have a different perspective to view.

Each piece is first thrown on the potters wheel and trimmed while at a stage called "leather hard." Next the design is drawn onto the piece and the carving away process begins. Often it takes four or more rounds of carving and smoothing the clay to get to the desired thinness for translucency. After that a variety of tools are used to add detail and definition.

Carved lights are dried slowly to prevent cracking and, when ready, the pieces go into the kiln for two firings to vitrify the clay, making it strong and glassy. It's a long and very satisfying process and always a delight to place a light inside and see the results. Each piece is individually hand crafted and unique. Shape, colors and patterns will be similar, but there will be some variation in the size and pattern. These vessels includes an LED puck light. Simply add three triple AAA batteries, press on, place under the light, and enjoy. (Batteries not included.)

"Light Vessels" make a beautiful centerpiece on a dinner table or a calming evening light for relaxing. Place them on a platter and surround them with shells from the beach or enjoy creating your own ambiance with this ceramic art.

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