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Airbrushed Folded Tall Vase with Black Interior

Ceramic Vase

Created by Jean Elton
The original model for this shape was turned on a plaster wheel, from which a casting form was made. The casting form is one piece, enabling the final work to be cast without seams, which often cannot be otherwise eradicated from the final form.

While the clay is still moist, the work is folded by hand to create a sculpted look. The resulting shape makes a strong impression yet is both visually and physically light. The work is fired first to approximately 1800 degrees F and then the outside is hand painted by the artist. The object emerges from the second firing, which requires approximately 2100 degrees F, in its final form: a lightweight yet sturdy vessel that can be used as an elegant vase (since it is vitrified, it will hold water) or as a standalone, purely decorative one-of-a-kind work of ceramic art.

The interior dry matte finish and the natural abstract airbrushed exterior make this striking piece particularly elegant.

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