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Black Oval Vase with Colorful Abstract Designs

Ceramic Vase

Created by Jean Elton
The "Oval Vase" started out as a 2x6 piece of lumber, cut to about 20" in length. The artists then cut a 2" piece of PVC tubing in half the long way and attached each half to the edge of the 2x6. They then applied spackling compound in layer upon layer over a period of several months. Each layer was thicker on the top than the bottom so that eventually, a graceful, tapered shape emerged. This shape was the positive model from which they cast a negative (the plaster mold into which artists pour liquid slip to make the unfired version of the final piece).

Since the piece was cast with only one part, there are no seams as is the case with most mold-made ceramic ware. The unfired piece is then fired to about 1800 degrees Fahrenheit and then painted by hand using a surface treatment technique the artists have developed. The decorated piece is now fired again to about 2100 degrees Fahrenheit, taking the work to its final form: a lightweight yet sturdy vessel that can be used as elegant vase or as a standalone, purely decorative, work of ceramic art.

The unique serial number found on the bottom of each Jean Elton piece is reflected on the certificate of authenticity provided.

Food and dishwasher safe.

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