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Green-Yellow Summit Vase

Ceramic Vase

Created by Lisa Battle
This vase is made from slabs of stoneware clay that are pieced together by hand. It was fired first in an electric kiln and then in a Noborigama kiln, which is heated to a temperature of around 2400 degrees Fahrenheit using wood.

The artist carefully sprayed her own custom glazes onto the vase before the second firing, giving the piece a gentle gradation in color. At the height of the firing in the Noborigama kiln, salt and soda ash were introduced into the atmosphere of the chamber. The placement of the piece in relation to the flame and the salt/soda vapor leads to unique textures and markings on the surface, so that no two pieces are ever the same. This piece has a "bold" side which faced the flame during the firing (pictured) where the smoky gray/green color at the top and the gray soda effects are intense, and a "quiet" side away from the flame where the colors are more muted.

This vase can hold water and flowers if desired.

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