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Inner Circle Vase

Ceramic Vase

Created by Lisa Scroggins
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This wheel thrown vase is created from low-fire white earthenware. The base has a small flare, and the neck has a series of soft grooves carved into it. Four layers of black underglaze are hand brushed on the body of the vase to ensure a solid black. The artist then uses the technique called sgraffito. She carves a random pattern of circles, circles within circles and dots all around the piece. The amount of circles is determined by that artist intuition that lets her know when she feels the pattern is complete. The vase is kiln fired to cone 04 (1950f ). Once cooled it is at this point the artist adds color to the neck of the vase in five layers of underglaze in a rich turquoise or red. The flared base is left the natural color of the clay, a creamy white, to match the color of the carved circles. She signs the vase on the bottom and hand brush three coats of dinnerware clear gloss glaze inside and out. The piece is kiln fired once more, this time to cone 05 (1888f) for 8 hours, cooled for 24 hours.

Slight variations in composition, dimensions, and colors may occur. Feel free to display this striking piece with or without flowers.

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