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Sentry Vase 2

Ceramic Vase

Created by Michael Jones
This is one of a series of "Sentry Vases" by Jones - tall vases meant to be distinctive design accents in a residential or business environment. Ideal in a foyer, or reception area. The forms derive from Chinese and African ceramic shapes. The glazes are Japanese-inspired and the design motifs derive largely from African (Kuba) textiles. So, these are "global cultural hybrids." Sentry Vase 2 is a full volume form with doughnut like handles at the mid section and short cylindrical "plugs" around the top rim. It uses a dark reddish brown temmoku base glaze with ash glaze over-pouredand abstract finger trailing in the ash glaze when it is first applied. Black and gold glaze short sticks and longer arcs are trailed over the exposed base temmoku glaze. Vitreous stoneware.