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SpiritKeeper Keepsake

Ceramic Vessel

Created by Judith Motzkin
This ovoid wide lidded vessel is wheel thrown, smoothed, burnished with terra sigillata, and saggar fired. There is no glaze on the piece; all the color comes from the fire. The piece is nested in sawdust and mineral-soaked hay In a wheel-thrown saggar made to fit and fired in a gas kiln. The results of this process are unpredictable and always new, like painting with a palette of accidental happenings. In this case, the peachy orange and rich smoky pastels wrap around the smooth wide oval form and lid. This piece of art may be used as an urn, sized for pet, or keepsake. For this function, the lid can be sealed with silicone (not included). Not intended to hold liquid. Piece is protected with a coat of wax and can be cleaned with a cloth.

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