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Captain Nemo-Submariner

Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Created by Rod Hemming
This fish is inspired from the great stories the artist read growing up. He is painting various fishes to not only remember the books he read as a child but also to remind people about sea life protection and to encourage recycling rather than throwing things in the trash. It is made from slab-rolled tiles that have added textures from found objects, laces, plastic mesh, and stamps the artist made. The tiles are bisque fired at cone 04 and then arranged in a picture format, keeping a balance of the textures that have been created. Since the tiles are handmade, the different sizes and depths in each tile should be expected and are intentional. The fish is then drawn and underglazed. The artwork is fired at cone 05 and then reassembled into a finished piece. The wood frame is .75'W and is included in the measurements provided below. It is handmade and hand finished by the artist. The artwork is signed at the back.

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