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Collar Series

Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Created by Nathalie Guez
A playful meditation on the ways our clothing defines us. Each collar is created from rigid clay rather than soft fabric - a transformation that adds further layers of meaning to these intriguing sculptures. Finished with a mottled green glaze. Ready to hang. Sold in a set of 11 as shown.

Dimensions for individual collars are:
First row (from left to right):
3"H, 8.75"W, 1.5"D
3.5"H, 9.75"W, 2"D
3"H, 9"W, 2"D

Second row (from left to right):
3.75"H, 10"W, 1.75"D
2.25"H, 9.25"W, 2"D
1.75"H, 9"W, 1.5"D

Third row (from left to right):
2"H, 9.75"W, 1.25"D
13"H, 7.5"W, 1.75"D
1.75"H, 7.25"W, 1.75"D

Fourth row (from left to right):
2"H, 9"W, 2"D
4.25"H, 9.25"W, 1.75"D

Dimensions below refer to the sculpture overall when hung as shown.

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