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Line in Black and Gray

Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Created by James Aarons
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Have you ever watched a drop of rain slither down a pane of glass? These drawings emulate those tiny rivers of moisture. In living color!

The artist began making drawings of lines a number of years ago to see if the expression of this most basic of forms could stand up on its own. He found that lines can be elegant and regal or playful and jaunty. They can be a whisper or a bold expression of gestural surety. With the series titled "Line", they manifest as quietly falling droplets leaving a trail of tranquil pigment behind Rotate 180 degrees and they transform into a lithe silhouettes of upright strength.

Singly or in groupings, these ceramic panels will delight and bring a spot of joy to any interior. The panel comes complete with a custom cleat for easy installation.

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