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River Flow IV

Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Created by Rod Hemming
This wall sculpture is an abstraction of areas of River Thames in London at night. Hemming mixed different glazes to recreate the effect of the depth in water at night time. The lighter colors are the negative spaces he could see between the surroundings of the River and under the bridge. This series is unique because the challenge was not only in getting the color right but also creating the mixture of glazes and underglazes in one piece.

As it is ceramic, it is water-resistant, making it perfect to also be displayed anywhere indoors. To create it, the artist first rolls a slab of clay, then bisque fires it at cone 04. Then, it is used as a blank canvas for painting with underglazes like a painting. The finished artwork is fired at cone 05. The handmade wood frame is 0.75"W and is included in the measurements below. The frame is also handmade by the artist. The crazing is done to give it an antique Deco look.

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