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Wall Hanging Set of 24 Porcelain Horse Hair Raku Bowls

Ceramic Wall Sculpture

Horse Hair is a special technique where horse hair is used to decorate the surface. These tiny little bowls are individually thrown from a smooth white porcelain. Once dry, the pieces are bisque fired to make them strong enough to handle. They receive several hand painted coats of terra sigillata, and are then fast fired in raku kiln. When the kiln temperature reaches about 1400 F, the artist quickly pulls the hot, glowing pieces from the kiln with long tongs and places them on a non-flammable surface (such as a piece of kiln shelf). Then the selected hairs are draped onto pieces. They sear onto surfaces and leave localized carbon markings. When pieces cooled the artist just brushes away any burnt remnants and applied the micro-crystalline wax polish to the surface to denote all lines.

Each bowl hangs individually from a nail.

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