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Cardoon Flight

Color Photograph

Created by Randall G Dana
The cardoon is in the artichoke family but is not as tasty. Harvested from the artist's garden, the blossoms are left to dry in the studio. A slow motion explosion takes place as the protective armor falls away and the seeds are released. The disintegrating cardoons are carefully gathered before the camera and gently coaxed into position. Decorative grasses and darkened copper provide the background. Reflections are cast on a thin sheet of glass that extends out towards the viewer. The image is captured using color negative film with a large format camera in the artist's natural light studio. The 4" x 5" negative allows for remarkable feathery details to be revealed in the final print.

The processed film is scanned by the artist to create a digital file. He then mimics traditional techniques in the now digital darkroom to maximize the captured image and prepare it for printing. Printing is done by the artist using an Epson Fine Art printer. Archival pigment inks on 100% cotton, acid-free, fine-art paper produce prints that will be both beautiful and colorfast well into the next century. Each print is signed and numbered on the white border below the image. Additionally a title label will ship with your photograph. This label can be affixed to the back of the framed piece and includes the title, year of creation, edition number, and the artist's name and signature.

All photographs will be in a protective plastic sleeve. The small size will ship flat. All other sizes will ship in a tube and will be firmly rolled around an inner tube for secure shipping. Once removed from the tube the print must be handled with great care to avoid denting, crimping, or scuffing the surface. Always handle the print with two hands. Proper mounting, matting, and framing are important to preserve the image and maximizing your years of enjoyment.

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