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Egg Tempera Painting

Created by Richard Toft
Egg tempera paint consists of pigment, egg yolk, and water. The dry, powdered pigments are combined with water to form a paste which is then mixed with the egg yolk. As the mixture cures, the pigments are securely bound to the painting surface which allows work done in egg tempera to survive for centuries. Egg tempera is also renowned for its ability to capture subtle details and textures, and has a distinctive luminosity.

On 300 lb cotton PH-neutral paper mounted on acid-free archival museum board. Matted and framed.

Frames are handcrafted with native cherry grown on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake Bay here in Virginia. A sequence of sandings leaves the surface perfectly smooth. Tung oil, linseed oil, and a hard spar varnish is hand rubbed into the frame and steel wool is applied for a smooth, soft luster finish. A double archival, antique white mat is used with museum glass to create a frame that is in the spirit of craftsmanship inherent in egg tempera painting.

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