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After the Storm

Encaustic Painting

Created by Lori Austill
This is an encaustic painting on a cradled birchwood panel. The sides are painted gold, so framing is not necessary. It is ready to hang with wire. Signature and artist statement are on the back.

Encaustic painting is a technique in which hot beeswax, pigment, and tree sap (damar-a resin that makes the wax harder and more heat resilient) are used as paint. Developed by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, encaustic paintings form A.D. 100-125 survive today in the form of head and shoulder wax portraits set into mummy casings in Greco-Roman Egypt.

To care for an encaustic painting, handle gently and dust or buff lightly with a soft lint-free cotton cloth. Refrain from storing in extreme heat (like on a sun porch or a hot car) or a freezing environment. Avoid direct sunlight.

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