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Fiber Wall Hanging

Created by Lynn Cornelius
"Unfurling" is a hand-dyed silk, cotton, wool, rayon, and tencel hand-woven tapestry. Using a time and labor intensive tapestry technique known as "hachure," this piece is built layer upon layer, sometimes with only a few dots of color at a time. The variation in the types of fibers used gives it both variation in texture as well as a play between matte and shiny surfaces.

This piece is both a study in the three-dimensional illusion that this process can evoke (the surface of it, while textured, is still generally flat and two-dimensional) and a meditation on how the movement of cloth can reflect an internal emotional or psychological state. It was inspired by considering the incredible range that cloth itself has and is a celebration of all things cloth.

This piece is mounted such that it appears to float two inches from the wall, and the hanging device is invisible except when viewed from the side.