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Ancient Roman Coin Earrings

Gold Earrings

Created by Nancy Troske
These ancient Roman Constantine the Great coins are from the artist's own collection of Roman Imperial coinage and date back to about 307 - 337 A.D. During Constantine the Great's reign, Christianity began to transition to being the dominant religion of the Roman Empire. The artist has set the coins in solid 22k gold in an ancient-inspired granulated design with an open back. One earring shows the front (obverse) of the coin, and the other shows the reverse side.

Found in a hoard, these coins had been buried in antiquity for safekeeping. There they stayed for hundreds, even thousands of years, as their owners never retrieved them for reasons we can only imagine. Wouldn't you just love to know the stories these coins could tell?

Coins are usually a little larger than a U.S. dime and are slightly off round. Ear wires are handcrafted 18k gold.

Each pair of earrings is unique, each coin can vary in color, size and image and may not match exactly, which adds to their uniqueness. The artist will choose a similar pair of coins from her collection to make each pair. They will either have a brown or green patina.

All coins were legally purchased through reputable ancient coin dealers.

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