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Gold, Silver & Glass Ring

Created by Nancy Troske
In Greek and Roman mythology, Bacchus, also called Dionysus, was a nature god of fruitfulness and vegetation, especially known as a god of wine, the grape harvest, and ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology.

Celebrate your own enjoyment of life and fruitfulness with one of these Italian glass cameos of Bacchus. They are hand molded by an artisan in a small town in Italy. Each one shows a different depiction of Bacchus. Set in pure 22K gold with granulation on a half-round sterling silver band. Each cameo: Cameo/Intaglio is a 10 x 12 mm rectangle. These make great rings to wear on alternate fingers.

Available in size 8.5. For pricing and availability of alternate sizes, please contact Customer Care.

Signed on the back by the artist.

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