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Artful Home NewCondition
Memento Mori - The Book Ring
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Memento Mori - The Book Ring

Gold & Palladium Ring

Created by Kim Eric Lilot
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A unique Gentleman's 'Memento Mori' ring in 18 karat yellow gold and Palladium. The skeletal arms and hands encircle an open book which has upon the open pages engraved and inlaid with black enameling the following quotations: Viver disce, cognita mori. (Learn to live, remember Death.) Tu fui, ego eris. (What you are, I was. What I am, you will be.) Cur etiam hic es. (Why are you still here?) Aut disce aut discede. (Either learn or leave.) Cave ab homine unius libre. (Beware of anyone who has just one book.) Absum! (I'm outta here!) These epigrams and transcriptions were found while researching Italian mortuary art. The yellow gold skeleton portion is riveted to the Palladium base. Limited edition: 03/05
Dimensions: 2.8cm H x 2.2cm W x 1.7cm D
This piece ships on or before: Mon, Oct 12, 2015
Shipping charge (based on items in My Basket): $6.00
$4,000   4,000
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About this Artist

Kim Eric Lilot

"Art is the search for understanding and expression. The awareness of our mortality (Memento Mori) reminds me to live, be in the moment and appreciate the preciousness of life. I strive to create dramatic narrative subjects of appreciation and expression with this spirit. "

For third-generation jeweler Kim Eric Lilot, each piece is a stage on which the drama of the human condition plays out. He portrays intimate moments of humor, misery, ecstasy and anguish with the skills of a consumate goldsmith and the soul of a poet. This narrative approach to jewelry allows him to express diverse and intriguing points of view.

I get the greatest enjoyment from lost wax carving and casting techniques. These skills open up a limitless range of three dimensional, sculptural range of expression. Simultaneously I continue to employ the practical hand-working skills of traditional goldsmithing as well as enameling and stone setting. Knowledge of the properties of gems and minerals is also an enjoyable and necessary study.

1982-1985 Figurative sculpture study from Thomas Marsh 1977 Registered Jeweler/Gemologist. Gemological Institute of America. 1972 Journeyman Goldsmith/Gisellen. Kunst-Gewerbe Schule. Hamburg West Germany. 1968-1972 Formal Goldsmiths Apprenticeship/Lehrling. With the firm of Master Goldsmith Herbert Marquardt. Hamburg, West Germany. 1966-1968 Goldsmiths Apprenticeship. With the firm of Gordon & Hilmar Aatlo. San Francisco, Ca., USA.

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