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Covid Time

Metal Clock

The Owens created a magnificent one of a kind wall clock that perfectly captures the chaotic nature of the 2020 pandemic. Fabricated from brass and copper with 110 cast sterling silver figures, 18 silver charms, and numerous colorful beads, this clock has a lot to look at. The brass clock face is 11" in diameter with silver hands. The numbers are glass beads shaped to represent the Covid 19 molecule.

Ninety-three hand-cut numbers are scattered across the hand-cut map of the continental United Stated representing the widespread nature of the virus. The circle above the map is a dial made up of all 50 states hand cut and soldered together in a random pattern. The dial spins as does the brass pointer allowing you to highlight any state you wish.

The hand hammered 7" copper clock next to the map is strewn with numbers, beads, and people. The mechanism is a tidal movement which is not a 24 hour cycle. It will convey the passage of time but is not meant to be accurate. It represents how our own perception of time has changed. The hands are springs. The mechanism runs on a AA battery (included).

The 3" copper clock above the tidal clock has a clock mechanism but no battery. It is set to five minutes before midnight but you may place the hands at a less ominous position if you wish. The large brass square above the "dooms day" clock represents our isolation, concerns and activities during the pandemic including cooking, travel, pets, school, work, health care, communication, courage, and of course, friends and family.

Emerging from the brass square are 24 curved and twisted copper wires covered with people and colorful beads. The wires pierce the vertical brass at the top of the clock and come out the other side in a pleasing and somewhat orderly manner. Once assembled, the clock was colored with a liver of sulfur patina, then waxed for a permanent finish.

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