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Lens Vase - Antique Blue

Metal Vase

The lens vase is ideal for ikebana flower arrangements. Its form contrasts a smooth, round, hand-inviting vessel shape with a torn opening from which flowers seem to explode. Each lens vase is a work of art on its own, but the understated design allows it to yield chief place to a flower arrangement.

Lens vases are not cast in a mold. They are constructed one at a time from heavy brass sheet, with hand tools and traditional forming and forging techniques, and are patinated by hand using traditional sculptural patinas.

The Antique Blue color used in this vase is a pigmented patina. Rather than simply taking its color from a reaction between the metal of the vase and the compounds brushed on, the patina is used as a base to apply the intense blue pigment known as ultramarine. In the medieval world, ultramarine came from grinding up lapis lazuli. Now, the same compound which gave lapis its intense, deep blue color is available as a by-product of industrial processes. But the color is the same, and if anything more intense and pure. After application, the patina is buffed and slightly distressed with a wire brush to deepen and polish the color, and to 'antique' it, giving it a look reminiscent of both lapis lazuli stones, and of some of the more intense patinas found on ancient bronze artifacts.

Please note that each piece is unique. Coloration of the patina will vary from piece to piece. The images represent the range of expected variation.

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