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Wallpiece 09.13

Metal Wall Sculpture

Bowman's low relief wall pieces are bold yet minimalist one-of-a-kind abstract compositions in a range of traditional and modern sculptural patinas. This one is a study in both visual and physical textures. The blue and grey blocks are smooth, but the blue has a distressed, ancient-looking finish, while the stone gray has a mottled depth created by three layers of patina: the first burnt black, the second a blue-white sprayed on to provide the veined, seafoam-like modeling, and the third a layer of silver nitrate which adheres differentially to the colors beneath, turning them to gray with silver accents. The other pieces are fabricated from small brass sheets with the edges turned up, then shaped into half-rounds resembling black bamboo. The edges of the sheets are then carefully filed to bright brass accents.

Like most of the artist's pieces, this wall piece can be hung at any angle. The measurements given are along the edges (i.e. the piece is 26 inches square; the measurement across the diagonals is about 37 inches). These wall pieces have great visual mass, but are actually quite light in weight.

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