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Wallpiece 11.01

Metal Wall Sculpture

Bowman's low-relief wall pieces are understated designs, modern but timeless abstract compositions of shape, mass, and earth-toned, sculptural patinas. This style of composition with large, low, matching but asymmetric wings and an array of upright pieces in the middle, represent a design language the artist has explored for three decades now. Every one is different, but the emphasis remains on creating balance in asymmetry and an elegant interplay of colors.

The wall pieces are constructed out of thin brass sheet, formed into boxes whose corners are brazed, then sanded to smooth, round corners. Brazing the corners means that the patinas will work identically on the seams and on the surface, making the parts appear seamless. Patinas are multiple layers of different chemical solutions applied while heating the metal with a torch to catalyze the reactions with the brass. The wings of this piece have patterns of grinding through different layers of the three-layer patina to create more texture. After the parts are patinaed and sealed with protective wax, they are bolted together so as not to damage the patinas with further heat.

The wall piece can be hung outdoors in a sheltered location in temperatures between 30 and 110 degrees F. Over the years its colors may mellow and change a bit outdoors, but should remain beautiful for a lifetime, as long as it is protected from roof runoff or the like.

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