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Wallpiece RCB 08.03

Metal Wall Sculpture

Think outside the picture frame with a three-dimensional metal sculpture for your wall. This wall piece is an imposing composition in flame-treated copper and sculptural brown patinas, setting off geometric accents of green, black, and red. The piece is entirely constructed of brass and copper with permanent sculptural patinas.

The artists' unique abstract patinaed wallpieces can be an elegant room accent or a bold, wall-filling statement. They have real and varied depth, and a beautiful palette of subtle patinas. Their shape frees your wall from the domination of the rectangular frame. Although they appear massive, the wallpieces are actually quite lightweight and can be hung on any sort of wall. The piece is folded from brass sheet, brazed together into solid, smoothly finished boxes, patinaed with permanent sculptural patinas, and assembled into striking modern designs.

Most of the artists' patinas are achieved by applying chemicals in thin solution while heating the metal with an oxy-acetylene torch to catalyze the reaction between chemical and metal, and bring up the color. Many of the colors and effects come from a layering of different patinas. Can be hung in any orientation.

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