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Pod Reading Lamp

Mixed-Media Floor Lamp

Created by Jerry Davis
This is a lamp from the artist's "Pandemic Series." It was conceived at the beginning of the lock downs. There have been many inspirations since the initial idea came to Davis but the most challenging part of this lamp was the dimmer wand that sits in front of the lamp pole.

Davis had had the "pod" forms around for a while now. They were left over from a chandelier commission several years ago. They are formed from cut sheet copper that is hammered over multiple stakes and forms with two different, customized, hammers. Davis soldered three shells together to make the "Pod" head. He created a somewhat musical instrument shape from some 180 degree pluming fittings and mounted it all on a straight copper pole that goes down to a 2-1/2" thick elm base. All the wood parts are have multiple coats of oil and wax to preserve the finishes.

At that point Davis had to come up with a switch for the lamp. He chose a full range dimmer. He fabricated a copper box, for the switch, that is recessed into the bottom of the base. There is a copper cover plate that has the name of the lamp, the artist's signature, and the date, all etched into the exposed surface. The dimmer wand is fabricated from several pieces of brass tubing, fittings, and solid round rod. The wood braces for the wand are made from walnut, as is the knob at the top. They are secured to the "Pod" pole via long set screws that go through the wood into the copper tube. The dimmer works very smoothly. All the metal parts are oxidized, hand rubbed and waxed to protect the finish.

The lamp takes a wide variety of medium based bulbs, both incandescent and LED. LED bulbs work best as they don't give off much (if any) heat. If incandescent bulbs are used, they should be limited to 40w. An LED bulb is included with the lamp. The copper head creates a lovely, warm light for reading. The dimmer knob is at a convenient height for adjustment while seated in a chair or standing next to the lamp.

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