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Champagne Bubble Glass Night Light

Mixed-Media Table Lamp

Created by Jerry Davis
This lamp is built around a beautiful piece of fused and slumped glass by Mesolini Glass Studio. Transparent elegance with champagne bubbles; the subtle aqua green cast to the edges of the glass make this a lamp for any lifestyle. The gentle folds remind one of organza.

After seeing this unique shade, Davis set about making a lamp that would equally match the elegance of this glass. He started with a found piece of copper tubing. He heated it and put it in a vice to squeeze it into the oval shape you see here. A cap was cut from sheet copper, shaped to fit the profile of the squeezed tubing and soldered in place for the top. He wanted the glass lifted off the oval body so he created a short neck from some more copper tubing. Davis finished the top of the neck off with a custom, slighting dished, hammered copper disc the provides the perfect shallow nest for the bottom of the glass shade. There is a thin rubber washer, just slightly smaller than the shade base, between the glass and the copper dish.

The socket cover is painted white to keep the feeling of the shade light and airy. It utilizes a porcelain, medium base socket that will take incandescent bulbs up to 60w and LED bulbs of any wattage (bulb is included). The oval body houses a full range dimmer that can be the front or back of the fixture. The twisted rayon cord exits from the center of the base so the owner can choose either the switch or non-switch side of the lamp as the front. The base, a piece of espresso Paperstone, is free hand cut on a band saw. A lovely sheen was achieved by hand sanding with several grades of sand paper from, 200 to 600 grit, and then finished off with very fine bronze wool. Then it was oiled, waxed and polished. This lamp makes an elegant accent of night light that will enhance any space in a home.

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