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Sunday Under Glass

Mixed-Media Table Lamp

As consummate scavengers, this artist pair constantly roots through salvage yards for unique finds. A recent pay dirt unearthed a selection of well worn camlocks, originally used for industrial hoses. Their soft patina seemed just below a ruddy surface. Sure enough, a little TLC revealed warm, aged beauty. Sunday Under Glass is the latest lamp to employ these unusual forms with the camlock merging a creamy white ceramic base to a hand sewn shade of gray and gold block prints and a melange of thick neutral papers stitched through with sage, silver, and pale yellow threads.

Collaborative artists James Aarons and Mark Taylor have created a collection of unique lamps under the moniker Imaginary Lamp Empire. Individual and special, the lamps grow from a conversation between the two artists where every detail, from plug to finial, is considered as an essential component of the final composition. Lamp shades are elegant, sewn paper collages using heavy archival paper that is UV coated for longevity. Lamp bodies are original ceramic forms enhanced with found objects. Each lamp is a unique treasure with thoughtful details and surprises from any viewing angle.

3000K LED included.

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