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Tree Rings Variable Edition, 3/25 Chine Colle

Monotype Print

Created by Diana Arcadipone
The cross section of a large felled tree reveals the delicate tracery of its growth rings, speaking to the passage of time in nature. This monotype print is part of a variable edition of 25 prints, each one different from the next.

The artist used drypoint etching techniques to create her printing plate. Then, to produce a variable edition with this plate, the artist employed a variety of techniques during the printing process—resulting in one-of-a-kind prints with distinctive colors and effects. For this print, she used the chine colle technique to incorporate two papers with different colors and textures. The inked plate is passed through the press with the brown Asian paper sandwiched between the plate and the base paper (100% rag BFK Rives), bonding them together.

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