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Inside the Forest

Painted Gourd Vessel

Created by Nadine Saitlin
This small piece has abstract images that move around the form. Reminiscent of forest creatures and plant life, the painting is compelling and modern with its eclectic color scheme. This small piece is perfect to sit on a desk or shelve. My process when creating a one-of-a-kind piece starts by sketching in pencil and rendering images with acrylic paint on the gourd. As the piece is rotated there are various images so the owner can choose the composition to be displayed.

The gourd is a member of the pumpkin family. This plant form is dried, opened and the seeds removed. The surface is primed, images are rendered with acrylic paint and pen and finished with a protective matte varnish. Nature has given us this magnificent third dimensional vessel. Any flaw is part of the natural form. Although coated inside the vessel may not be used for liquid. Easy to care for, it should be handled like any original artwork, dusted, but not washed. Sturdy and light weight the vessel sits on a metal stand. Often dried foliage, twigs and pods have been added by the owner.

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