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Flame Blossom Memoir Brooch

Polymer Clay Brooch

Created by Jeffrey Lloyd Dever
Like a succulent blooming near a desert oasis, this sculptural brooch seems imbued with light. The green-to-cream leaflike forms, speckled with aqua spots, provide a fitting display for the pink and orange "flame blossom." The brooch is sculpted over a hand-fabricated reinforced armature. Each leaf is veneered with layers of polymer clay applied one at a time and cured. Then the blossom is layered with individual petals and cured in several stages before being fitted and mounted on the final piece.

Mounted on an asymmetrical sprung steel pin, the resulting piece is lightweight yet rigid and makes a statement. The vibrant surfaces, spots, and details are the actual color of the clay, carefully applied and cured in 10–12 individual stages. Each brooch by this artist features a hand-carved and backfilled signature block.

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