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Silver Caress

Silver Sculpture

Created by Yenny Cocq
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A delicate portrait of two people deeply in love, this stunning silver sculpture is both beautiful and sentimental. His arm gently caresses the small of her back as they sit together in perfect harmony. This pair of silver-plated lovers makes for an elegant and thoughtful gift, perfect for the silver anniversary or as a wedding present. This sculpture also speaks to collectors of fine art and mid-century modern design with its simple lines and geometric shapes created using a minimalist approach. Seated on a beautiful natural sandstone base, this radiant work of art draws the eye as it reflects light and shines brightly in the home.

The stone bases range in color from light (off white/ tan ) to dark (light gray) . They all are natural sand or limestone. The stone is approximately 4"H, 3"W, 2"D. The figures are approximately 4"H and 4.5"H and are not attached to the base, so they can be moved around. Each figure is unique and will vary slightly.

Care: Light dusting with a silver polish cloth (anti-tarnish cloth). Do not submerge into water or treat with harsh/abrasive cleaners.

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